About Me

30704302_10155570991541279_374608065464369152_nI’m currently a fourth-year philosophy PhD candidate at University of Pennsylvania. Before this, I graduated in May 2014 with an MA in philosophy from New York University, and worked from 2014-2015 as a Research Associate with the Philosophy Group at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.

My PhD is supported by NTU’s Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences International PhD Scholarship. After graduating, I’ll return to NTU as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Philosophy.

My main research interests are meta-ethics, and moral and social epistemology. I’m currently thinking about how individuals develop moral expertise based on their experiences, how an individual’s social location can influence their development of moral expertise in moral sub-domains, when and why deferring to the moral testimony of others is permissible or required, and under what circumstances members of non-marginalised groups are required to defer to the moral testimony of marginalised groups. As part of this project, I’m also thinking hard about the advantages and limitations of using our imagination to gain moral knowledge, on a sentimental moral perceptualist framework and more generally. My dissertation committee members are Errol Lord (chair), Lisa Miracchi, and Daniel Singer.

My current research also cuts across normative ethics, normative epistemology, standpoint epistemology, moral psychology, philosophy of emotion, and philosophy of imagination. I’ve also worked on moral decision-making procedures, food ethics, and philosophy of mental illness.

In my non-philosophy time, I enjoy performing and creating music, and creating visual art. I’m married to a wonderful experimental electronic and jazz musician. I spend lots of time enjoying the incredible music and art scene in Philadelphia, which is home to a great beats, punk, noise, and classical community.



  • (2016) Eating Animals and Personal Guilt, Food Ethics, Oxford UP
    (edited by Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, and Tyler Doggett)


  • (2015) Mental Illness, the Identity Thief, The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human, edited by Kate Vrijmoet.
  • Blogging: I used to write philosophy articles for 3quarksdaily.com (see below)


Upcoming talks

  • Morally Worthy Deference (Feb 2019). Harvard-MIT Graduate Philosophy Conference, Harvard University.
  • Moral Expertise and Traumatic Experiences (March 2019). Philosophical Engagements with Trauma Conference, UNC Asheville.
  • Morally Worthy Deference (April 2019). Great Lakes Philosophy Conference, Siena College.

Serious talks

  • Moral Emotions and Imagination (July 2018). CEU Moral Epistemology Summer Course, Central European University (Hungary).
  • Can Imagination Replace Reality for Sentimental Perceptualism? (July 2018). FRIAS Normative Epistemology Workshop, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Freiburg (Germany).
  • Moral Expertise & Hermeneutical Justice (Oct 2017). Penn Philosophy Graduate Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Expertise on Identifying Oppression (April 2017). Penn-Rutgers-Princeton Social Epistemology Workshop 2017, University of Pennsylvania.
  • The Question of Mary Astell’s Feminism (Oct 2015). Workshop on the History and Philosophy of Education, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Can we love animals and still eat them? (March 2015). Philosophy Club Speaker Series, Philosophy Group, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).

Fun talks


  • Commentator for ‘Glued to the Image: A phenomenology of racialization through works of art’ (March 2017), by Alia Al-Saji. Minorities and Philosophy Conference: Global Feminisms, University of Pennsylvania.


University of Pennsylvania

  • (Spring 2018) Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Philosophy, Michael Weisberg.
  • (Fall 2017) Teaching Assistant, Ethics of Eating, Andrew Chignell.
  • (Spring 2017) Teaching Assistant, History of Early Modern Philosophy, Andrew Chignell.
  • (Fall 2016) Teaching Assistant, Ethics, Errol Lord.

Nanyang Technological University

  • (Spring 2015) Guest lecturer (Philosophy of Religion), Introduction to Philosophy.
  • (Spring 2015) Teaching Assistant, Philosophy for Everyone, Li Chenyang.
  • (Fall 2014) Guest lecturer (Animal Ethics), Moral Philosophy.
  • (Fall 2014) Guest lecturer (Philosophy of Mind), Introduction to Philosophy.


  • (2015-20) Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences International PhD Scholarship, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
  • (2012-14) Graduate Fellowship, New York University (USA)




  • (2017-2018) Referee, Journal of Moral Philosophy

Conferences and Events

  • (Nov 2015) Assistant Organiser, Penn Reasons and Foundations in Epistemology Conference (PeRFECt) 2015, University of Pennsylvania (USA)


I was a columnist for the website 3 Quarks Daily, where I wrote mostly on topics of applied ethics (but sometimes other things). Here are some of my articles:

  • (May 2017) Should we outsource our moral beliefs to others?
  • (April 2017) Given who we are, how should we listen to others?
  • (January 2016) Mary Astell: The Conservative Feminist
  • (November 2015) Straddling the Two Sides of Racial Privilege
  • (August 2015) Effective Altruism and its Blind Spots
  • (July 2015) Ethics and the Stanford Prison Experiment
  • (February 2014) Eating animals and personal guilt: the individualization of responsibility for factory farming
  • (December 2013) Acting and hedging under moral uncertainty

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